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 understands the relationship between increased real estate value and year-round, professionally maintained landscape, and property maintenance services. A Weyerhaeuser Corporation survey found properly landscaped homes had increased values, up to 15 percent. Adding a professional touch to your commercial and high-end residential landscaping will enhance public image and reputation, while improving overall neighborhood desirability.  First impressions count, especially when it comes to your business, and high-end residence. Pinnacle Properties’ takes pride in all of our work, and it’s reflected by our long term client list, as well as our staff’s professionalism.

Our  History

Established by Matthew Cohen in 2001, Pinnacle Properties grew from a small staff, operating from the company’s first location in South Burlington. As business expanded, in 2013 Pinnacle Properties moved operations to a 2-acre facility in Williston. A 10 thousand square foot warehouse is home to an ever-expanding inventory of property maintenance equipment. Installation of a storage area ensures a large on-hand supply of various seasonal materials, enabling Pinnacle to rapidly service clients during any season.
Pinnacle Properties is dedicated to delivering superior work, reflected by our trusted reputation, and high level of word-of-mouth referrals. A majority of our clients are long-term customers, relying on our services for an average of five years, and many times more. Typically, clients stay with Pinnacle Properties long after the initial service call. We respond to customer requests in a timely manner, consistently striving to exceed expectations.
Committed to providing safe working conditions, Pinnacle Properties fully complies with current and applicable occupational health, safety, and environmental laws. Our employees are trained to work safely, expected to perform in conformance with Pinnacle Properties high workplace standards.

Commercial Property Maintenance Services

In a study of the relationship between landscaping and office building occupancy rates, properties with continuous, professional landscaping services had the highest occupancies.

A business with a lush, well-manicured landscape, gardens, and thriving mature trees, reflects well on nearby neighborhoods and communities, becoming an asset to the area. A well-maintained commercial landscape offers a more pleasant environment for employees and clients.

Developing a commercial landscape maintenance plan is essential to protecting your investment, and solidifying value to your surrounding community and clientele. Pinnacle Properties works with businesses to develop landscape and property maintenance plans, helping owners ensure their property is maintained consistently throughout the year.

High-End Residential Landscaping Services

Maintaining a well landscaped property adds significant value to a high-end residence, it’s a home-improvement offering immediate return. Pinnacle Properties works with clients to develop long-term property maintenance plans, ensuring your property consistently retains its’ highest value as time passes. We can help with landscape

design, new lawn installation, flower bed placement, shrub and small tree planting, and much more. Our customized landscape and property maintenance plans take the guess work out of choosing the right contractor for each season. We provide a full range of services from Spring and Summer landscaping, to Fall clean-up and Winter snow & ice management.

Even when it’s time to sell your high-end residence, “Money Magazine” reports homeowners recoup between 100 to 200 percent of their landscaping costs when they sell their homes. A well landscaped property also helps speed up the sales process, while enabling a higher price than neighboring homes.

Core Services

Pinnacle Properties operates year-round, providing specialized seasonal services throughout Chittenden County, Vermont. We believe our clients should receive the services they request in a timely manner and we strive to exceed expectations, each and every time. Pinnacle Properties is dedicated to delivering superior work and standing behind that work. Our tireless efforts are reflected in our reputation and our high level of word-of-mouth referrals.

Winter Plowing, Snow and Ice Management Services

Pinnacle Properties is dedicated to providing our clients with high quality commercial and residential snow removal and ice management services. A cornerstone of our business, Pinnacle Properties has a substantial inventory of snow removal equipment, including plow trucks equipped with salt/sand capabilities, loaders, skid steers, sidewalk plows as well as snow blowers to ensure every customer’s individual requirements are fully met. We are equipped to haul snow away from sites with limited space, and have staff on-hand to manually shovel walkways and sidewalks. We can accommodate large and small commercial, and residential jobs, including private roads, driveways, walkways, parking lot access and large and small parking and storage lots. Did you know that dedicated professional snow and ice management services help protect commercial property owners from lawsuits resulting from falls and injuries, while reducing the likelihood of such accidents? Diligent property owners anticipate the dangers and liability posed by snow and ice. Reduce the risk of potential snow removal fines and weather-related lawsuits, Pinnacle Properties can deliver a complete snow and ice management package including; plowing, snow blowing, shoveling, removal, and salting services.   Always pro-active, during Winter months we constantly monitor weather services for impending snow storms. Our plow drivers have an average of over six years experience, and our crews maintain our snow management equipment in a high state of preparedness to immediately respond to customers 24/7. Let Pinnacle Properties put together a proposal that works for you, we offer competitive annual and seasonal contracts. Pinnacle Properties is fully insured, so don’t wait for that next Winter snowstorm, call us today for a property analysis and quote for snow plowing and ice management services.

Spring Clean-Up, Landscaping and Property Maintenance

Vermont Winters can be harsh on any landscaped property. With Vermont’s notoriously short Summers, let Pinnacle help prepare your property for the coming season. Pinnacle Properties offers the extra attention landscapes in this state often require for a strong Summer start. Our Spring clean-up service involves leaf and debris pickup, pruning, and trimming back damaged vegetation and small trees. We’ll dethatch and rake lawn areas, mulch flower beds and perform an overall clean-up. For more extensive jobs, we are fully equipped to clear land of dense overgrowth and saplings with our specialized skid-steer attachment. Tree stumps? We’ll remove them from view. After our extensive cleanup, an early season mowing, followed by an application of fertilizer encourages healthy lawn growth. Pruning existing vegetation often stimulates growth in areas previously cut back. Early Spring is an ideal time for new tree and shrub planting and transplanting, it’s also an ideal opportunity to update annual and perennial flower beds. Why wait to start enjoying your landscape? Leave Spring cleanup, landscaping and property maintenance to Pinnacle Properties lawn service experts, we’ll promptly and efficiently prepare your property for the Summer season. Contact Pinnacle Properties to schedule a site visit, our professional sales staff will provide you with an estimate for our Spring cleanup and landscaping services.

Summer Landscaping and Property Maintenance Services

At Pinnacle Properties, we pride ourselves on a quality landscaping and property maintenance service that customers can count on. With over 16 years of experience in the commercial and high-end residential market, whether it's mowing, fertilizing, flower installation, weeding, or irrigation, Pinnacle Properties can take care of all of your landscaping needs. We’ll make sure your lawn, flower beds, shrubs and small trees receive exactly the treatments they need, precisely when needed, all Summer long. A locally owned and operated company, Pinnacle Properties values honesty and integrity. Above all, we take great pride in our quality of work. We offer a variety of lawn care and landscaping services available to each individual property. With Pinnacle Properties, customers can expect attention to detail, and proactive care when it comes to keeping our clients’ grounds beautifully landscaped. Pinnacle specializes in working with property owners and managers to enhance their property. We’ll bring the expertise your landscape needs to look its best.   Pinnacle invites you to experience prompt landscaping service and our expert staff's superior attention to detail and commitment to outstanding results. Our clients are the reason for our success, and our top priority. Pinnacle strives for 100% satisfaction on each and every job, no matter the size. Pinnacle Properties has a reputation for building lasting relationships with our clients, we strive for your satisfaction. Ask about our annual and seasonal service plans. We look forward to working with you!

Fall Clean Up, Landscaping and Property Maintenance Services

Preparing a landscape for Vermont’s harsh Winter involves closing out the past Summer season while planning ahead for the coming Spring. Fall is an ideal time for flowerbed cleanup, trimming back annuals, planting Spring bulbs and perennial beds. Fall is also a great time to prune back Summer growth from bushes and small trees. We offer bush and shrub covering services for plants that need an extra layer of defense from Winter’s effects. A thorough end of season leaf clearing helps prevent fungus growth and dead grass areas in Spring. Once your landscape is cleared of seasonal debris, we’ll Winterize your lawn with a final cut, aerating the soil before applying a layer of compost, and seed where needed. For property with numerous new young plants, we recommend adding a layer of mulch to help insulate the roots from that initial freeze. While Fall may not seem like time for new plantings, certain shrub and small tree types can be installed successfully, and be ready for Spring. Ask our sales staff for suggestions on Fall plant installation.

Annual and Perennial Flower Planting and Custom Flower Bed Installations

Professional flower installation is one of our key services. With years of experience, Pinnacle Properties advises clients when selecting perennial and annual flowers.  We work directly with customers to design and install custom flower beds.

Flower installation, done correctly, is detail oriented. With a wide range of available floral and plant options, we’ll let you know which require shade to thrive and those needing plenty of sunlight. Perennials and annuals need consistent moisture and organic soil to thrive. Did you know the lifespan and bloom time of flowers differ and may affect your floral choices? With so many details to keep track of, why not leave the job to Pinnacle Properties. Our specialists provide the insights you need for a visually satisfying flower installation.

Lawn Maintenance, Mowing, Seeding, and Watering

A correctly mowed landscape has a major influence on overall lawn quality, while helping to reduce potential problems. For every job, Pinnacle Properties places tremendous emphasis on blade sharpness for an even cut.  When mowing, we consider grass type and height, ensuring each lawn is evenly trim.

Mowing patterns are rotated to help maintain consistent growth and appearance. We have multiple crews to accomplish any size job, with zero-turn, and walk-behind mowers.

Regular irrigation is essential to maintaining a healthy landscape. Pinnacle Properties operates a truck specifically outfitted for watering, ensuring our clients’ landscapes remain vibrant.

While most are putting yard tools away for the year, Autumn is the best time to prepare your lawn and green spaces for the coming season.  Fall aeration and fertilization will greatly improve the look and overall health of your lawn in the Spring.

Weed Control and Abatement

A few weeds can disturb the appearance of an otherwise well-landscaped property. Weeds harm flowers in a competition for water and nutrients. Are weeds growing out of the small spaces in your property’s driveway, sidewalks, and other areas? Pinnacle Properties provides weed removal and abatement services to clear your landscape of this natural nuisance. With over 12 common weed types, many resembling flowers, let our staff ensure the job is done correctly.

Pruning, Shrub, Small Tree Installation & Stump Removal

Shrub and tree installations add privacy to a residence while offering an inviting appearance.  Properly situated on commercial properties, green spaces with tree installations help increase real estate value. Pinnacle Properties assists clients with design and placement of shrubs and small trees, we also advise clients on options for low-maintenance vegetation. Our shrub and small tree maintenance involves pruning according to species specifications to promote an overall, even growth. While performing this service, Pinnacle Properties inspects for any issues affecting overall plant health. We are equipped to remove all signs of tree stumps, restoring your landscape’s appearance.

Lawn, Plant, and Garden Bed Edging

Properly performed, lawn, plant, and garden edging are a small landscaping investment paying high aesthetic dividends. For medium to large sized landscapes, with a range of shrubs, hedges, flower beds and small trees, Pinnacle Properties edging services will enhance your landscape’s attractiveness and functionality. Garden bed edging separates different plants from a lawn, defining overall appearance. Edging  helps to keep mulch from inadvertently spreading over a grass area. Proper edging defines landscape sections, enhancing beauty.

Mulch Installation Services

A thin layer of mulch, applied in the Spring, once the previous seasons mulch has been removed, is the practice found to pay the highest aesthetic dividends. It is a misconception that mulch is a weed suppressant or adds any nutritional value to plants or trees. If you’d like to add nutrients to your plants or trees, a thin layer of compost and then mulch application is the best practice.  Pinnacle Properties mulching service will add beauty, uniformity, precision, and elegance to your landscaped plants, flower beds, shrubs, and trees.

Seasonal Yard Clean Up Services

Let Pinnacle Properties prepare your property for the coming season. With clean-up traditionally done in early Spring and late Fall, our crews will ensure your yard or commercial property is thoroughly raked and cleared of natural, seasonal debris. We offer; Fall lawn aeration, leaf and seasonal debris bagging and removal, shrub pruning, Winter flower bed preparation, shrub covering & uncovering services. Let Pinnacle ensure your outdoor investments survive the region’s harsh Winter climate.

Winter Snow and Ice Management

From October through May, Pinnacle Properties provides Winter maintenance services, 24 hours a day, seven days per week. We have crews and substantial snow and ice management equipment including plow trucks with salting capabilities, loaders with snow-pushing & blowing attachments, skid-steers, Kubota & snow-blowers. Dispatched from our central location in Williston, our crews reach most of the greater Burlington area within minutes. With years of snow management experience, we know our client’s property, ensuring snow is cleared efficiently. We maintain our  fleet in a constant state of readiness for quick response to each storm. An environmentally conscious company, Pinnacle Properties uses chemicals that minimize harm to surfaces and limit hazardous runoff into Lake Champlain.


Please contact us for an assessment of your snow and ice management needs!

Emergency Non-Winter Storm Service

Much like our snow and ice management, designed to respond quickly to Winter storms, Pinnacle Properties offers an emergency yard and landscape clean-up service for non-Winter months.  Strong winds and heavy rain often deliver unwanted debris and damaged foliage on your property. Our crews will quickly clear natural debris after a storm.


Community Support

Matthew Cohen, Pinnacle Properties founder, believes it’s important to give back to the community. One of Matt’s biggest passions, outside of work, is his love for animals. He has three rescue dogs, Hershey, a chocolate lab, Faith and Annie who are American Pit Bull Terriers. Through animal charities, Matt aided in several additional dog rescues. It’s a love for animals that inspired Matt to help out with the Humane Society float appearing in Burlington’s annual Mardi Gras.

In past years, Pinnacle Properties was a major sponsor of the “Haunted Forest” Halloween event at the Catamount hiking area in Williston. A past community project Matt and Pinnacle staff are particularly proud, working in close collaboration with a landscaping garden designer, and using flowers donated by Claussen’s Nursery, Pinnacle Properties refurbished flower gardens directly in front of the Burlington Boys and Girls Club. “I am always willing to donate labor for a good cause, it’s not about the money, but about helping someone else,” he said.

What Clients Say

Why Pinnacle Properties?

Pinnacle Properties understands the relationship between year-round, professionally maintained landscape services, and increased real estate prices


First impressions count, especially when it comes to your business and high-end residence. Pinnacle Properties understands the relationship between year-round, professionally maintained landscape, and increased real estate prices. One survey found properly landscaped homes had higher values, up to 15 percent. Adding professional landscaping services enhances a property’s public image. Pinnacle Properties takes tremendous pride in all our work, and it’s reflected by our staff’s professionalism.

Properties maintaining continuous, professional, landscaping services had the highest, and most consistent occupancy rates, according to a study of the relationship between landscaping and office building rentals. A business with lush, well-manicured gardens, and thriving mature trees reflects well on nearby neighborhoods, providing a more pleasant environment for employees as well as clients.

Developing a landscape maintenance plan is essential to protecting your commercial property investment, while solidifying value in the surrounding community. Pinnacle Properties works with businesses to develop landscape maintenance plans.

Maintaining a well-landscaped property adds significant value to any high-end residence, it’s a home-improvement offering immediate return. Pinnacle Properties works with homeowners to develop long-term property maintenance plans, ensuring your property retains its highest value. We can help with landscape design, new lawn and flower bed installations, shrub and small tree planting, and much more.
Our customized landscape and property maintenance plans take the guesswork out of choosing the right contractor for each season. We provide a full range of services from Spring and Summer landscaping, Fall clean-up, to Winter snow management.
When it’s time to put your high-end residence on the market, “Money Magazine” reports homeowners recoup between 100 to 200 percent of their landscaping costs. A professionally landscaped property also helps speed up the sales process, enabling a higher price for a more desirable property.

Pinnacle Properties is a professional landscaping and property maintenance company, specializing in commercial landscaping services customized to suit the needs of our client’s business and personal high-end real estate holdings. Pinnacle provides a complete range of landscaping services from apartment and condominium complexes, to hotels, shopping centers and government buildings. Pinnacle Properties not only installs beautiful commercial and high-end residential landscaping, we provide complete year-round maintenance, ensuring our client’s property looks its best. With over 16 years in business, and a majority of our clients with us since the beginning, customers often ask what sets Pinnacle apart from other landscaping and property maintenance companies?

First and foremost, our absolute dedication to providing the utmost in customer service and satisfaction sets Pinnacle Properties apart from the competition. When you call Pinnacle Properties, you’ll be responded to in a timely and professional manner. Our clients have, and continue to, make us the success for which we’re known . A mid-sized landscape company, Pinnacle Properties can scale service from very large to small jobs, and unlike massive corporate landscaping organizations, you can rest assured Pinnacle’s lean management team provides hands-on oversight for each and every job, with intense attention to detail. Our on-site foremen are ever-present, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Pinnacle Properties is committed to providing quality landscaping and property maintenance services. This is reflected in our work, and the pride we take in maintaining our equipment.  You can rest assured we will arrive at your location in a clean, well-maintained truck, staffed by our professional, courteous crews. Pinnacle performs the large majority of our work in-house, ensuring property owners get exactly the services they expect. We also pride ourselves on our ability to work efficiently. Our clients know Pinnacle Properties completes work in the allotted time-frames, as estimated by our experienced foremen. We won’t take longer than necessary on a job, keeping promises and saving our customers valuable time and money.

Pinnacle Properties’ employees are a talented group of professional, uniformed landscapers, floral specialists and hard-working laborers, many doubling as snow management experts during Winter. All our staff is thoroughly trained and many have their own specialty areas, resulting in an even better service to our customers. Pinnacle Properties seeks out creative and innovative team members with a knack for attention to detail and a passion for efficiency. Our employees provide only the highest quality work. At Pinnacle, we have the best team of highly motivated and trained landscape and property maintenance professionals in Chittenden County.  Contact our dedicated sales staff today and see for yourself why Pinnacle Properties stands out in the property maintenance and landscaping industry.

Professional landscaping and property maintenance involve far more than a pickup truck, trailer, mower, rake, and shovel. At Pinnacle Properties we’ve made substantial investments in state of the art lawn care, landscaping, snow management, and light construction equipment. Pinnacle Properties is supported by a large fleet of trucks, dump trucks, front end loaders, skid steers and excavators.

We utilize various specialized landscape equipment to produce the best possible result for every job. Whether performing landscaping for a large condominium complex, major hospital or high-end private residence, with multiple crews, we have the equipment to handle most any size task properly and efficiently.

Pinnacle Properties not only invests in the best equipment available, we have trained maintenance staff to ensure a high level of readiness, and we are committed to keeping our tools in serviceable, and safe condition. Our employees are fully trained with the tools and equipment they are expected to use, all are highly skilled, and know how to operate machinery safely and efficiently.
Have a specific question on our equipment capabilities? Contact our sales team today, we’ll get your answers fast.

Meet The Team


Pinnacle Properties is a professional landscaping and property maintenance company specializing in commercial landscaping services customized to suit the needs of our client’s business and personal high- end real estate holdings.

Cat 287D high-flow skid-steer with mulch magnum attachment

Additional Services


Join our Team

Pinnacle Properties is currently looking to add reliable, motivated individuals to our growing team of landscaping professionals. Currently looking to fill a variety of fulltime, year long positions.

-Do you enjoy learning new skills?
-Do you enjoy working outdoors?
-Are you looking to grow professionally in the landscape/hardscape industry?
-Do you desire to work with like-minded coworkers, who are driven by passion, performance & positivity?
-Do you want to work in an environment where your achievements are recognized, and your contributions are appreciated?

Be a part of the leading team in Chittenden County and help provide outstanding service to our clients. Pinnacle Properties prides itself on a fun, yet professional working environment built on positivity, team work, and encouragement. We are a well-established company founded in 2001. Our base of business continues to grow rapidly, and we are constantly seeking long-term motivated individuals to join our team, and advance within the company to leadership positions.

Driver’s license is preferred but not required

Part time flexible positions available

Benefits including health, dental, vision, and retirement (with 3% match) available to full time employees.

Interested applicants should reply with resume if available, and/or contact info and previous experience.

If this peaks your interest, please email your resume to or, or to request an application.  You can also call 802-658-0809 and leave a message with our answering service.  We would like the opportunity to speak with you.


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